And we are back!

Restaurant in KL

Restaurant in KL

Over the past few years, I was starting to burn out with photography.

For one, I wasn’t really enjoying my preferred area of wildlife photography – it wasn’t  the wildlife that was getting to me, it was the photography.   In India, the typical approach to shooting in a national park works out as follows:  drive around in a jeep with a long lens, and when you see something, shoot.   Because of limitations on routes and traffic, you, as the photographer have very little creative input into the shot barring, perhaps your choice of focal length.   That was getting to me.

So I left my old website lapse.  I found other hobbies, some of which still got me out in the wild (birding), some of which competed with my time (cycling) and others which competed for my wallet (watches, pens).    I’d occasionally take my camera out, but my motivation to make photos was missing.     I stopped “seeing” photos as well.

I’ve been trying to rejuvenate my interest in photography for a while, and finally pulled the trigger on a Fuji XT1, along with a 16/1.4 and 35/1.4, with the 23/1.4 coming soon.   I also decided to focus on a type of photography that has never really interested me of late – street and people.     And what do you know – my interest in photography does seem to have rekindled.

Fingers crossed, it is here to stay!